Scoble has alot to answer for…

So i am checking out blogging software, wordpress came up trumps purely because i can mess with the css for a reasonably small amount of cash. This foray into the blogging world was primarily spurned by watching a hideous amount of channel9 and podtech recently. If i continue with this, i will likely post an awkward mix of techie stuff, utopian politics rants and on odd occassion music reviews.

I have also been playing with Vista’s media center with democracy player and tvrss to download video for free in a sky-like fashion. Democracy player beats iTunes because it downloads feed based shows/podcasts via torrent as well as traditional http downloads that you do from websites. Anyways, i’ve subscribed to a whole bunch of shows this way including “the oc” and “heroes”. It’s kinda nice just turning on media centre and seeing what’s been downloaded for me…

random links
me.dium – an interesting attempt at making browsing a social experience.


2 Responses to Scoble has alot to answer for…

  1. Keith says:

    So you’ll pay to be allowed to mess with css?! I’ll be invoicing you shortly….

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