Blog Values

  1. Not personal, you won’t hear what I had for breakfast or tirades about people I work with (apart from Keith).
  2. All articles <5mins readtime.
  3. Concise: noone’s time is cheap enough to read waffle.
  4. Any subject, although will likely be about Technology.
  5. Unbiased, although anti-fanboyism. Apple and Microsoft both have their merits.
  6. Devil’s advocate: If I can make an argument for the underdog, I will, regardless of how unpopular (incl Bush).
  7. All feedback in comments will be read, and possibly rolled into updates to articles to improve them.

If any of these are not adhered to, please comment on this page. Thank-you for reading.


4 Responses to Blog Values

  1. b stone says:


  2. Keith says:

    Distinct lack of tirades so far……

  3. […] People don’t go looking for good justification for the opposite of what they think; if you are a lefty, how often do you go looking for well argued right-wing views? (my blog values) […]

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